McGennis Group, LLC was founded in July of 2006 as a family owned and operated property management and maintenance business in Jefferson City, Missouri, at a time when the real estate market was plummeting. Its namesake is contributed to my late husband, Brian McGennis, who was a true entrepreneur and gradually transitioned from a home builder to property investor/manager. We purchased one house at a time, remodeled it and in some cases performed complete renovations that slowly increased in size and scope. All of our children have put years of sweat-equity into the business. McGennis Group is the mother company to both Heritage Apartments and Jefferson Heights.

McGennis Group is a company that was built on strong values and operates with high moral standards. We offer in-house maintenance and take pride in providing safe and affordable housing in the Jefferson City community. MG is a member of the Mid Missouri Apartment Association and registered with Rent Right, LLC. The majority of our residents come from referrals. We have long-term employees who are honest, trustworthy, and considered family:

My current husband John is an essential asset and contributes in extraordinary measures to the business. He had no idea the on-call life of a landlord (or as I prefer land-servant). There are a limited number of careers that give you a direct insight to the way people live-both good and bad. Overall, it has been a blessed life. We have tenants who have resided in our properties for over 30 years, longer than we have owned them. Our job is to make our house (or apartment) your home. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your housing needs.